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Local Fruits


   Durian is often called the "King of Fruits" by those who love it. "It smells like hell and tastes like heaven," is a common description of the durian, the national fruit. It has a thorny appearance and could hurt if you allowed it to fall on your feet! It is even quite difficult getting at the fruit inside. Good durians have pulp that are neither watery nor hard to touch. It is kind of the in-between that is considered most delicious.


   The mangosteen is considered to be a choice tropical fruit and like the durian, native to Malaysia and it is known as "The Queen of Fruits".While the durian is seen as " heaty" for the body, the mangosteen is "cooling".Shaped like round berries, the size of tennis balls, it has a thick fibrous outer layer that is usually maroon in color.It is easy to open by merely pressing between the palms.


   Another local fruit that is highly recommended is the starfruit, or sometimes called the "belimbing".The name is obvious once you see a starfruit for the first time.This waxy, four-ridged fruit is one of the best thirst quenchers around, and it is available almost anywhere in Malaysia.Its flesh is watery, crunchy, and sweet.


   Though it looks like a grapefruit, the pomelo's sweet taste is far closer to that of an orange. It is the largest of the citrus fruits, and has a thick rind. It is also known as jerunga.


   Also a native of tropical America, the guava is known for its musky aroma and soft, delicious pulp. It has a thin greenish-yellow skin and a flesh of varying thickness which may be white, yellow-pink or red. It is popularly consumed in juice, ice cream, marmalade, and jam, and of course eaten raw.