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Introduction of Food in Kuching



        Malaysian food can be very spicy. If you like hot food, you will be completely delighted by what Kuching has to offer. Dishes are mostly based on rice or noodles and served in small bowls, along with a soup. For some dishes you take a small spoon (in your left hand) and chop-sticks (in your right hand). Typical dishes include: Kolo Mee, Nasi Lemak, Laksa (Laksa Sarawak/ Sarawak Laksa), Lui cha, Kueh Chap, and Roti Canai. You get the food in small to medium-sized food stalls for about 2-4 Malaysian Ringgits ("RM", what they also just call "dollars"). 3 to 4 Ringgit are about 1 Euro/ US-Dollar (for up-to-date figures, see the currency converter). The chili is often served as an extra so you can eat spicy if you want to.

        If you're up for a local fruit, try Rambutan, or Durian (the "king of fruits", known for a strong smell, and outlawed in some hotels for that reason)