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The Most Popular Food In Kuching

Best Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak is famous for its Sarawak Laksa, a local Chinese-style vermicelli dish served hot with chicken and egg shreds, prawns and beansprouts in a bowl of spicy coconut soup cooked with tamarind. This version of laksa is very different from the curry laksa found in other Malaysian sates, thereby proclaiming the uniqueness of the Sarawak Laksa. This delicious yet cheap meal (RM 2.00-3.50 depending on size) is a favourite amongst the locals, and is eaten as breakfast or as a light meal throughout the day. However, you will find that most stalls stop selling laksa by noon. Laksa is conveniently available in hawker stalls or coffee shops as well as restaurants.

Chong Choon Cafe, Jalan Abell.

The Chong Choon Cafe has been around for ages and people who operate this cafe really know their stuff. Located smack in the middle of the city, they are easily accessible to tourists staying in the hotels here. The 8TV crew has been here before and they love it. Many tuorists would come to try the Sarawak laksa at this cafewhen they come for a visit and they love it. Their laksa is so good its addictive.Chong Choon is open early in the morning and their laksa is all sold out before the clock even hits 11 a.m.