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       Transport by taxi is reasonable but it is usually difficult to flag down one on the street since there are only popular amongst tourists. One can get a taxi from the taxi stand near the corner of the Electra House/end of India Street, in front of hotels or by contacting them through the telephone. Intrepid back-packers can try the public transport by antiquated, smoky, non-air-conditioned buses or the 'van sapu' (mini-van converted into mini-buses) which offer cheaper mean of getting to places

       Taxis don't seem to "drive around" but rather congregate in a few key positions. There is also the unfortunate situation where not all taxi's can go anywhere; a particular taxi only services some roads or parts of town. This makes it hard to just flag a taxi and expect to be taken where you want. Taxis are mostly unmetered, you agree on a price given the destination before getting in! Generally visitors find such unstructured arrangements daunting, at least I do. I have noticed during my recent trips that the taxi pricing has normalized, so that a trip between the same placed gets charged the same amount irrespective of the taxi used.

Taxis are easily available for travel around Kuching. However, as meter system is not in practice its advisable to agreed upon the fare with the driver before boarding the taxi. As an indication, travel between Kuching Airport to the city centre will normally cost approx RM20.00